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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Special Pathogens Laboratory

Legionella in Building Water Distribution Systems

Many facility owners and operators are unaware of the threat to their building occupants from Legionella bacteria that have colonized their water systems. This...
ASSE 22000

Water Treatment Equipment Personnel Standard and Certification Program

With stories of poor water quality making headlines across the country, and increasing consumer demand for water treatment systems, the need for qualified, knowledgeable...
Flint, MI

Update on the Flint Water Crisis

On June 14, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced a new round of charges being filed against local and state officials, officers, and employees...
ASSE 12000 PPE

ASSE 12000 and You

ASSE 12000 certification training gives you the knowledge needed to have a successful career working with hospital staff and patients – it gives you...