Watts has published a new e-book – Water Safety: Protecting Our Communities from Backflow Incidents – to help early-career plumbing engineers and others understand the serious risks of backflow and what they can do to prevent it. The book is available free at Watts.com/backflowbasics.

Rich with imagery and examples, the e-book clearly explains different types of backflow risks and how incidents can affect homes, schools, and businesses and recommends how to implement appropriate solutions to prevent them. A directory of backflow prevention resources, including standards associations and professional organizations, offers access to specialized information and news on backflow prevention.

“Water professionals are responsible for maintaining standards and providing communities with safe, potable water,” said Watts Ian Baynes, Sr. Product Manager. “As the leading provider of backflow devices for potable water, as well as irrigation, fire suppression, and waterworks applications, Watts is pleased to offer plumbing engineers just beginning their careers, apprentices, and students, as well as established plumbing engineering firms, an easy-to-use guide to backflow prevention. We hope they will use it to understand the serious risks backflow poses and implement the most appropriate solutions for preventing it in the communities they serve.”

The e-book can be downloaded at no charge at Watts.com/backflowbasics.